TouchDown Android Mail Client Review

c20If your company utilises an Exchange server and you want to be capable to stay on in sync with your work calendar and e-mail, you make alternatives, particularly whenever you use an Android-based phone. You may utilize the inbuilt Exchange support and use the Android mail client and calendar widget; or, you could give NitroDesk’s TouchDown Exchange client a try.

This Android client for Exchange is a great tool around for staying on in synch with your Exchange data. Rather than bearing to check out more than one application (or widget), you are able to go to one simple to use application to stay up to date. Whenever you’re a big lover of the home screen widget, TouchDown has you covered up as well with a widget for e-mail and calendar. But is this client the powerful Android-based Exchange client for you? Let’s have a look and check.


Android-based phone.
Microsoft Exchange account.
Account for purchasing apps on the Android Market.

Who is the target audience?

The TouchDown Exchange client is a outstanding tool for anybody who is used to (and fond of) the one stop shop that

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Time Management Can Be Intuitive With a Time Tracker

c19Effective time management is a hard skill to develop. Many employees struggle with tracking their work hours, the amount of time given to specific projects, and tracking time related to other important variables in the business field. One of the ways to make time tracking more effective is to use solutions that make it almost instinctive to track time, eliminating the need to spend much time figuring out how you are going to manage your work time and allowing you to know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and to get to work.

Technology Makes it Easy. Sometimes

People from students to the international companies’ CEOs understand the importance of prioritization. In order to manage time successfully, it’s necessary that the individual managing a work time is able to separate the most and least important tasks, classify them appropriately, and take care of the most important work first.

A time tracking solution that isn’t well-designed can make this task much harder than it should be. It can really take away from the time that you want to spend on things that matter and force you to

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Securing IT Help for Small Businesses

c18Having the best small business IT support is more than important for any owner that wants to make sure the information technology within their company is sound. However, anyone that sets out to choose a provider for their IT needs will find that there are more than enough choices. So how does one narrow down their options can choose one for their particular needs? It’s not that difficult with a little planning and consideration. First, find out what the business really needs.

Every small company has differing needs when it comes to small business IT support, and they are much different than those of large corporations. A tiny store or boutique won’t need a server that’s dedicated to their transactions alone. A simple hosting service will definitely do the trick in this case. They will keep an eye on transactions made right in the store and will also cut down on expenses related to small business IT support.

Think Outside the Box

It pays to think outside the box, however, when getting ready to invest in small business IT support. First, consider the business’ specific IT needs.

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Big Data’s Big Impact On Business

c17In this age of technology where everything is data-driven, organizations are constantly being flushed with information from every imaginable direction: from operational and transactional systems, from scanning and facilities management systems and from the internet. So it is important to glean useful information from the data and utilize it to further develop a organizations’ decision making and performance. The concept of big data has been prevalent for years- only the nomenclature has been made recently. Earlier businesses used to rely on basic analytics to uncover patterns and use it to enhance productivity. But in recent times there has been a sudden surge of data generated from multiple sources. It is impossible to manage this overload of information using basic analytics. So Big Data was conceptualized to store and evaluate structured and unstructured data and use it to analyze a company’s business and prospective customers. The three main ways in which Big Data transcends basic analytics are as follows:

Volume: Recent study has shown that about 2.5 exabytes of data are generated each day and that figure is doubling every 40 months or so. Big Data

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Don’t Wait to Backup All Important Files and Save the Heartache

c16In the fast-paced world of today, be assigned the task of backing up important files is of the utmost importance. Usually movies, music, films, projects, photos and data files are all stored in one spot on a computer. Both desktops and laptops are more affordable and offer more storage than in the past. On the flip side to that bonus, it’s just not safe to keep everything important in one place.

There are plenty of ways that data can be lost. They include, but aren’t limited to:

• Natural disaster

• Theft

• Computer issues

• Accidental deletion

This is heartbreaking when one has spent so long creating and accumulating this data that is so essential to the company’s survival. Get ready for the unexpected by implementing good backup strategies and many different types. This will minimize the chance of losing this information even more.

The easiest definition of backup on a computer is to refer to it as an exact copy. When it comes to computer files, this typically refers to copies of the main files that exist on the laptop, external hard drive, or desktop. Making a backup of

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Understand and Satisfy Business Accounting Needs With the Right Software

c15Choosing the right online accounting software is a careful process that many business owners are unaware of. They may have a clue as to what they need to do, but when careful steps are taken they can ensure they have the best option for their personal business needs. An important first step would be to create an analysis addressing financial and managerial needs and it should not be rushed.

By taking time with this step, it won’t have to be re-analyzed sooner than necessary, leading a company to have to purchase new software and spend the same amount if not more all over again. There are certain things one must know about their business as well. Read on to find out what they are.

What to Know Before Purchase

Know something about accounting – Just because the online accounting software does much of the work doesn’t mean a business owner should completely rely upon it. A basic understanding about small business accounting will be a huge benefit to them. If an issue arises, the software won’t always be able to fix it. Learn as much as possible,

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Consulting in the Cloud Why These Professionals Are Invaluable

c14Cloud consultants aren’t all that much different when it comes to both contracting and consulting firms. The economic setup of cloud-based consulting services is much different when it comes to the price points – mainly the monthly fee associated. A faster cycle time and smaller project portions are a result, and the cloud consultants must meet a set level of profitability when it comes to them.

Commercial language when it comes to deployment and development is naturally much smaller when functioning in the cloud. Here are some things to take note of and consider.

Offshore Resources – Effective data, development and testing are used offshore, which helps keep costs low. However, there can be some miscommunication from shore to shore. Having the various teams working streamlined and communicating effectively means they will catch the early warning signs in relation to any issues.

However, some companies simply do not desire the data going offshore. This makes the idea a bad plan, and then the compliance audit comes along making things even more complicated. What your vendor may tell a business is that there are many options, and with

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The Best Business Hack: Using IT Services Outside the Business by a Managed Team

c13A world without IT managed services would be a mess. Take a moment to consider all the internal systems, availability, websites, development and disaster recovery to name a few. Being concerned with IT issues takes the focus off of what the business is really about, and that’s why IT managed services are a great investment. They allow owners and managers to focus on business growth.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this is not a great option. Managed services providers aid a company’s internal IT department or specialist so there is high performing, fast moving technology at all times. This is possible when they make solutions for the complex hybrid, public and private clouds. What the company gets is bundled up technologies specifically suited to operations.

The main value of this is to give a bit of a competitive advantage. Getting the best out of the capacity of the IT department at hand adds value to any size business. It keeps them from having to deal with the everyday operations in relation.

Skip DIY

While it may be tempting to skip IT managed services all

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5 Mobile Application Development Trends for 2016

c121. Hybrid apps are in

Hybrid applications using technologies such as Ionic and HTML5 are gaining traction for the amount time and cost savings they account for. With Swift 3, and rumours that Android will soon adopt it, going for JavaScript over Linux, we look at a more integrated platform base. Word is out that Swift 3 will be available for Windows Phone too. For enterprise and consumer apps, HTML 5 continues to remain the platform of choice for app development. Frameworks such as Ionic, JQuery Mobile, Mobile Angular UI and Native Script have mature languages that deliver high performing user experience. Even Facebook has hopped the hybrid app development bandwagon with the React Native framework. They are currently experimenting with Linux and Windows platform to render a complete service.

2. IoT integration

IoT technologies such as GPS, Beacon and location-based Wi-Fi will be integral to many applications. We are looking at a mature Home Application on iOS 10 which will enable iPhone and iPad users to operate household appliances with instructions delivered to Siri. The Android Wear and Apple Watch will do more than track health

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Seeking Help From IT Support Companies For Windows 10 Features

c11Many people got so excited when Windows 10 was made available. Perhaps the decision to upgrade was easy because the invitation to update just appeared on the taskbar. It’s the latest version, so, why not? It is probably so much better than Windows 8.1 with all the fresh features and functionalities, because isn’t that really the point of presenting a new version? Downloading Windows 10 was quick and easy.

Unfortunately, the new features and functionalities are completely alien to you. Also, the old programs you used to operate will no longer yield to your commands and you have no idea how to get things to work like they used to.

Meanwhile, work is piling up and the clock is ticking. This was the most common experience for many businesses that hastily upgraded to Windows 10. What started out as excitement ended in frustration. Their complaints were diverse – some said they could not present their PowerPoint presentations in a slideshow format. There were also others who said that the programs they downloaded before the upgrade stopped working.

Likewise, some fumed over how the upgrade slowed down their

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Understanding the Two Most Popular Issue Tracking Tools

c10Atlassian’s JIRA and Mozilla’s Bugzilla are the most popular issue trackers as of today. Let’s dig deep into these two tools to understand better. JIRA was initially released in the year 2002 and the stable version came out in October 2015.

Bugzilla was originally developed by Terry Weissman in 1998 and after that it has been developed by Mozilla Foundation that released its stable version in the year 2007 May. The next part will give you a good understanding of the two tools with a comparison.


JIRA and Bugzilla are software applications that concentrate on tracking software bugs that may be a obstacle in a programmer’s work. Huge tracking systems like these make use of a database from which bugs will be tracked and recorded.

The recorded information will contain a brief info of the bug, the project affected, bug reporter, component, the intensity of the problem, date and time, the state of the bug and the resolution of the bug as well.

Bugzilla: Bugzilla was initially written with the help of Tcl language but now the language is Perl for execution. Perl was known as

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Software Product Maintenance

c9With the ever-going technology requirements, it has been important to focus on software product maintenance apart from following the software development life cycle (SDLC) process. To state simply, software product maintenance is whatever follows after the first release, whether it’s fixing a minor bug issue or adding a new feature. There are various reasons as why the software maintenance would be required:

    • Customer/client requirements: Over the time of the product existence, the customer/client would require a new update or new features to be added.


    • Market requirement: There is timely introduction of new policies or constraints in the market. This may lead to modifications in the product.


    • Organization requirement: Any business level change happening or expansion taking place, would require the software product to update.


  • Host requirement: If there are any changes made in the hardware requirements of the software product or if the Operating System (OS) has been changed, it would require product changes as well.

Software product maintenance types

During the course of software product, the kind of the maintenance required will depend on the nature of the product. Often, it would be a routine maintenance, or fixing a

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How Technology Advancements Has Its Impact on Us

c8The advancement of new technology has been taking place since the beginning of human history. From the invention of items like the spear and knives made out of rocks and sticks to aid in the capturing and killing of animals for food, to items like the first printing press and the computer. The question: are the impacts positive or negative?

Technology is a word used to collectively describe or portray the advancements, abilities,creations, undertakings, views, and knowledge of a singular group of persons: we as human-kind. The advancement in technology has been exceptionally fast in the 20th and 21st century. With electronic technology and machines being produced and improved all the time, it was very likely that along with the positive aspects of these new advancements, people would also consider the negative aspects and look to criticize new technology.

A Positive Side

As the old age states “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION” i.e. necessities tend to spawn inventions and each invention is annexed with the need of betterment and transmogrification. Newer and newer advances are happening by the day. Technological change is in large part responsible

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Glossary of PCI Terms

c7Here is a glossary of terms associated with PCI.

Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

In order to be PCI Compliant, you will require a successful scan certificate from an Approved Scanning Vendor. An ASV will certify you that you are up to all the technical requirements. ASVs are enlisted by PCI SSC on the basis of their performance.

Audit log

It is the record of activities of system up to a certain date; but it should have enough details to track back sequence of events that go from the beginning of transaction to the end.

Card holder Data (CD)

Cardholder data contains full Primary Account Number (PAN). Cardholder data also contains the following information:

· Name of the Cardholder
· Expiration Date
· Service Code (optional)

Card holder Data Environment (CDE)

It is an environment containing all the processes and technology including the people that process, transmit or store customer cardholder information or authentication information. CDE also includes connected system components and virtualization technology like applications, servers etc.


The conversion of text into coded form is known as encryption. Only the people having the specific decrypting codes can get access to such data and only

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Biometric Attendance Machine Vs Manual Maintenance of Attendance

c6Organizations are exploring every possible way to increase their revenue and control their cost. Time attendance machines are used by all size of organizations to record when an employee starts and ends their work. And it will allow them to know for which department the work is performed or carried on by the employees. Apart from tracking when an employee is working, organizations can even track that when an employee is not working, that means it allow the organizations to track the meal and break times of an employee. A time attendance machine allows organizations to cut their labor cost, increase compliance and enhance overall control.

Based on the size and requirement different organizations uses different tools to record the attendance and other activities of their employees. Some organizations use Biometric Attendance Machine, Fingerprint Attendance Machine, and some organization follows Manual Maintenance of Attendance. Manual Maintenance of Attendance is suggested only for the organizations having fewer or very fewer employees.

Manual maintenance of attendance requires an efficient and skilled HR to log employee work hours and attendance. Under this system paper punch cards and punch machines

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JJRC H31 A Super Anti-Wrestling RC Quadcopter

c5When I first saw JJRC H31, its super anti-wrestling ability surprised me. As for the beginners, it is very easy to make your drones fall on the ground because of unskilled operating. As a result, this new RC drone is very suitable for novices. Except for that, it has other excellent features. Let me show you more about it next.

Appearance Design

It is a 6-axis-gyros RC drone with 4 channels so that it has the ability to complete stable flying and it is easy to control. With a perfect arc design, it has the great performance to maintain balance even at high altitudes. Normally, it supports the flight skills of ascending, descending, forward, backward, left sideward flying, right sideward flying and 360 degrees rolling.

Additionally, it has a size of 31 x 31 x 7.2cm and it offers you two colors options, including green and white. Made of ABS and PS materials, it has a super strong structure, which ensures the safe flight.


Exactly, the prominent feature of JJRC H31 is the super anti-wrestling ability. Depending on the strong structure, it will be intact even it falls

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Is PCI a Law

c4With the requirements set up by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), a lot of businesses scratch their heads and ask whether PCI is a law. The answer to this question is very short and simple no PCI Compliance is not a law.

Will PCI Compliance be a Law in Future?

To make the things more clear, let’s go in detail about this topic. At the moment it is not a federal law; but still there are some state laws that are in effect (while some might go in effect in future) to implement the requirements of PCI DSS. The story does not end here there is a big press on from the industry trade association and legislatures, to pass a federal law about breach and security notification.

Plastic Card Security Act

In 2007, “Plastic Card Security Act” was established in Minnesota which stated that if a company is breached and later on it is discovered that the company was storing prohibited PCI data like CVV codes, magnetic stripe, track data etc. then it is required to repay banks and other individuals costs linked with

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How Much Do PCI Companies Charge

c3There is much more to being PCI compliant than just getting a PCI SAQ filled or going through a quarterly vulnerability scan successfully. There is a lot of work and resources required by the business to go through to make sure the customer credit card data is secured.

A lot of businesses get confused when it comes to setting up a budget for PCI compliance. Commonly the budget kept is too small that it becomes really difficult for IT departments and third parties to provide upgrading to the equipment and to meet the latest security standards; such actions makes the security at the risk of getting breached.

Dependence of Cost of PCI Compliance

The cost of PCI compliance totally depends on the number of transactions made per year. There are two types of businesses one that process more than 6 million MasterCard or Visa transactions each year. Then there are businesses that make less than 6 million MasterCard or Visa transactions per year.

Variables that affect the cost of PCI compliance

The cost you are giving for your PCI audit totally depends on the setup of your organization. Below

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Camera Design Service Vendors Gearing Up for a New Phase With New Standards

c2Not many companies are well versed with camera designs and their tweaks and hence few players are moving towards custom development of board cameras and smart vision sensors based on different processors. Also with the advent of several cameras and camera architectures, companies now have a strong base to build new products.

Some companies can design cameras to customer requirements in short timelines too.

The Challenges

Companies usually face the challenge of meeting hardware and software design specifications of the camera.

High definition images might have to be clicked at regular intervals, sometimes in a fraction of a second! Some companies now opt for drones that would house several cameras, and then try to stitch and synchronise the images simultaneously, so that the shots can be taken from all possible angles.

Also the core challenge here is to reduce the camera size since the product needs to be a marketable product that also needs to be considerably affordable.

For such a camera design, companies strike a balance with its hardware design, PCB design, Bootloader porting, and the efforts expended on Device drive modification, Camera app development and Testing procedures.

The need

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Digital Publishing A Better Way to Read Magazines and Newspapers

c1Reading magazines is one of the most common hobbies among women in the age demographic of 18-49. Magazines are the second-highest circulated publications of the publishing industry, with newspapers being the first. Traditionally, magazines were bought from newsstands located at the corner of every city street. However, with a change in trends and digitization influencing most industries, digital newsstands are the new thing that the industry has to offer.

What is a Digital Newsstand?

A digital newsstand is the latest product of the recent developments in digital magazine publishing software. Several distribution platforms offer content in the form of magazines, newspapers, and journals, digitally which can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone. These are mostly available on a subscription basis, but a large variety of free content is also available.

With the advent of tablets with 10-inch screens, much like a magazine cover, the publication houses began adapting to a digital format rather than regular print. These digital newsstands were an instant success as they offered a richer reading experience with several interactive systems which made newspapers, magazines and journals more interesting. Digital publications also reduced

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